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Welcome to Teach Oscail Family Resource Centre

Teach Oscail Family Resource Centre adopts an open and welcoming, non-judgemental approach to all in the community and believes that everyone deserves to be heard and that all opinions are respected. We aim to target those most vulnerable in the community and to support them in overcoming social isolation and poverty in their lives. We believe that children and families are paramount to our work in the community and aim to ensure that parents and children are reached out to in a professional and supportive manner.

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"Highly trained professional staff there to help families. Always welcome with a friendly smile and will put you on the right path to the help that u need"

Where To Find Us

31 Church Street

Cavan Town

H12 H049

(049) 4372730

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Opening Hours

Mon : 9am - 8pm
Tues: 9am - 7pm
Wednesday : 9am - 5pm
Thursday : 9am - 5pm

(5pm-7pm Closed Youth Group)
Friday: 9am - 1pm
Sat : Closed
Sun : Closed

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